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Abot Group Mail is high-speed, targeted email marketing software for advertising, targeted newsletter marketing, and keeping in touch with clients. It has a professional and simple user interface so that you can set it up in just a few minutes. You may get updated version and support at here always.
It is the best bulk email sender software which runs on your PC, not a subscription-based online service. So you don't have to recurrently pay high prices for every email shot you send out, even if your prospect number grows. As the original email marketing software, You just pay one time for it to get the full bulk email marketing program license.

Download the latest version Email Marketing Software - Manual - FAQs

Abot Email Searcher is an email extractor, email finder, email harvester, email collector and email spider. It helps you to find and reach your target customers. Abot Email Searcher builds targeted email list at high speed. It allows you to extract email addresses matching your keywords from Internet web pages, directories and search engines. It can also collect emails from files and folders in your local computer.
Download the latest version Email Searcher - Manual - FAQs

Abot Group Mail Professional Version 10.2.0 Download Latest Version Now

High-speed, Targeted Email Marketing Software for Advertising, Targeted Newsletter, and Keeping in Touch With Your Clients.Email Marketing Software - Abot Group Mail The Latest Version 9.8.8 Build 06

Abot Email Searcher Latest Version 3.3.9

An email extractor, email finder, email harvester, email collector and email spider. It builds targeted email list at high speed. It allows you to extract email addresses matching your keywords from web pages, directories and search.

EDM Email Sender - Bulk Email Sending Directly

A desktop application designed for email direct marketing to send bulk emails without SMTP server. EDM Email Sender - Email Marketing SoftwareThe Latest Version 3.2.8 Build 050  [Update it o

Update Detail for the Version 9.9.6 of Abot Group Mailer

1. Fix a BUG: There will be mis-match the fields when there is blank cell item in the sheet of a Excel file.
2. The parameter for timeout of connection can be defined freely when test the availability of a SMTP email account.
3. You can set the length of random string at this version, detail operation steps: Open the BasicConfig.ini, find "SendControl", and then add or modify the value of "RandStringLen". The default value of it is from 10 to 30.

The Recommended Ways to Get Email Address

There is many ways to collect the subscriber of your email list. The following ways is always recommended.Spider the web pages and get the email addresses on them. Most of these receipts is public wit

Policy for EDM bulk sending to Gmail

To send efficient mass email to Gmail, you should follow the policy for this business from Google.Then, you can EDM bulk email to Gmail without spam using 'EDM Email Sender'. Meanwhile, don't forget to show how to quit or unsubscribe your list in your email content.

Email Marketing Basics: Sending Bulk Emails

There are two ways for sending bulk email to your customs with the amount of thousands of people. One is that the software logins into the receipt’s SMTP server directly, and then sends the content to it. Another is sending these emails through the stable and trusty SMTP servers, such as Gmail, GMX, AOL etc.

Bulk Email Sending with SMTP Accounts

All of your email accounts limit the daily sending amount or frequency of outgoing, including gmail, gmx, aol, and even your charged mailbox. So, to send mass email to bulk receipts continually

Can A Bulk Email Service Really Help You Succeed In Your Online Business

Have you just started an online business? Congratulations; you're on your way! But chances are, you haven't had a lot of success yet because nobody can find you. Am I right?

Now, there's a way that you can drive hundreds of hits to your website on a daily basis, all by paying a small one-time fee and with no other future costs, charges, subscription fees, or anything else.

1-2-3 Set Abot Email Searcher to Find Email Address

The main interface of Abot Email Searcher:

How to find email address by Abot Email Searcher?

Abot Email Searcher has couple ways for searching email address,by URL,by words,by industry and area,from local file or directory.





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